Hank Buys Homes

Let us make a fair FULL PRICE Offer on your house! No hassles. No Obligation

We are a husband and wife team passionate about helping you move on from your home.

We know about busy lives. We have a home full of kids and pets. Parents and Grandparents - We hear you!

We have been buying homes for almost two decades. Henry also works in the aviation industry.

What we've learned is that, it's all about YOU!

Very rarely do buyers LISTEN to sellers. It's all about THEM.

We are here to tell you we are about hearing YOUR story;

To listen to YOUR needs;

We are typically able to structure the sale of YOUR home at YOUR asking price and terms based upon YOUR needs.

If you'd like a fair offer today, give us a call at (859) 648-3225.

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Multi-Family Properties

We Buy Houses Nation Wide

Any Condition • Any Price Range • Any Location

Are you seeking a swift sale for your property?

We're here to extend a sincere, equitable offer at its full value!

What's more, We stand behind this offer and we can swiftly finalize the deal in as little as 7 days.

We specialize in purchasing houses regardless of their condition... as-is.

You needn't concern yourself with any repair work whatsoever!

We've assisted in various situations, including but not limited to:

-Overcoming foreclosure

-Navigating through a divorce

-Relocating or moving

-Facing an upside-down mortgage

-Dealing with tax liens

Regardless of whether it's your primary residence, a rental property, or not presently livable, we're dedicated to helping property owners.

Our assistance extends to those inheriting unwanted properties, owning vacant homes, falling behind on payments, downsizing with a property that won't sell, facing repair costs they can't manage, and even in cases of fire damage or troublesome tenants.

If you've reached the point of saying, "I need to Sell My House Fast," rest assured, we're here to assist you!

In essence, if you're in possession of a property that you need to sell, we're eager to propose a fair, full-price offer and finalize the deal when it suits your selling timeline.

Hank Buys Homes

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